Kalli Dangerfield

MOULTRIE NEWS  Thursday, January 05, 2012   By: Penny Parker    Photo by: Factor Women

Kalli Dangerfield, of Mount Pleasant is breaking into the field of modeling after signing with Factor Women of Chicago and Trump Model Management in New York. While most eighth graders will spend this weekend sleeping late and hanging out with their friends, Cario Middle School student Kalli Dangerfield will be busy picking up the overall fashion model award at the Actors, Models and Talent for Christ SHINE event in Orlando.

Founded in 1982, Actors, Models and Talent for Christ (AMTC) is a ministry, mission and a movement that provides aspiring performers with professional direction, industry introduction and spiritual encouragement so they may shine for Christ in the entertainment industry, according to the group’s website. AMTC has discovered stars such as Maggie Elizabeth Jones who is in the recently released "We bought a Zoo" and Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss who was in the "Stomp the Yard" movies.

SHINE is a biannual talent showcase scouted by 50-100 agents, managers, casting directors and music professionals. For six days twice a year, performers come from all over the world to showcase their talent, and industry professionals come to see them. Dangerfield, who is the daughter of Richard Dangerfield of Mount Pleasant, attended the SHINE event this past summer, and that is when she earned the award which she is receiving on Sunday. "She got more call-backs than anyone in the history of the AMTC," says her aunt Robin Goldston, who also is her manager.

Fourteen-year-old Kalli began taking modeling classes at Millie Lewis as a confidence builder at the age of 12. Once she finished those classes last summer, she attended the AMTC SHINE event in July, and that’s when her budding modeling career started to take off. While a model must be 16 to walk the runway during fashion week or to model in Europe, a 14 year old can sign a contract, which can be the first step to developing a promising career.

Kalli and her aunt went to Chicago in September, and the teen signed with Factor Women. The two went to New York in November and met with nine different agencies, including IMG, Ford and Wilhelmina, before signing with Trump Model Management, a boutique agency which accepts only a few select models. A couple of European agencies have been looking at Kalli as well, says her aunt.

Kalli’s first assignment has been a fashion shoot for Kohl’s that took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in December, and another one is scheduled. She is also being considered for an assignment for Abercrombie & Fitch. She will return to New York in February for a test shoot with Trump.

"Kalli has the potential to be a ‘super model,’" says Suzanne Greene of Millie Lewis who is Kalli’s "mother" agent. "Fashion modeling is very selective. She is a natural beauty and she can do it all. The feedback we’ve been getting from other agents is that they see a humbleness and a sweetness in her that is very refreshing. She has everything, including family support. She’s not just a pretty face."

Kalli did have to miss a few days of school to meet with these agencies and to shoot the Kohl’s assignment, but she makes up her school work and has maintained her A/B average, Goldston says. She is on her school’s yearbook committee, and math is her favorite subject. She used to play softball and basketball, but just doesn’t have the time anymore. She is taking karate classes with her aunt and when’s she’s not traveling for her budding modeling career or doing her school work, she enjoys the universal teenage hobby of hanging out with her friends.



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