Millie Lewis Private Pageant Training


Millie Lewis is proud to announce our pageant coaches 

Deborah Childs, Pageant Coach has 35 years of knowledge training and judging pageants throughout South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. She will share with you what is relevant in the world of pageantry today. Learn these skills first hand and get the edge you need with Mrs. Deborah Childs. Deborah is also the mother of Keyla Childs.    

Keyla Childs, Pageant Coach has over eight years of experience training and judging pageants. She is the former Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2011 as well as Miss  Charleston USA 2014. She excels in training for interview, evening gown and wardrobe selection. Keyla also can provide professional make-up and hair assistance. She is a natural pageant coach that specializes in pageant divisions such as USA, high school and local. Keyla is currently attending Newberry College and will be available to train based on scheduled appointments.

Rachel Peyser, Pageant Coach has been with Millie Lewis since 2004. She provides training to individuals and groups to prepare them to enter their pageants. She has judged several pageants in the past. Rachel also teaches the Kids and Teen Personal Development and Basic Modeling courses. She has a passion for helping kids and teens succeed in their endeavors.


Millie Lewis Private Pageant Training Lessons includes:  Millie Lewis Private Pageant Training Lessons are flexible and tailored to your schedule!

  • Posture
  • The perfect pageant walk
  • Eye contact with the judges and audience
  • Selecting the pageant dress
  • Interview outfit
  • Hair and make up tips
  • Poise
  • Interview preparation

Cost:  $75.00 Per hour (two hour minimum) CALL TODAY! 843-571-7781