Aaron Burr

Aaron Burr, from Myrtle Beach, SC attended AMTC in the Summer of 2005. That same summer, Aaron won “Most Talented Dancer in America” as judged on “Good Morning America.” He won the tap competition semi finals and then went on to win the overall dance final competition at the age of 12, beating all the adult competitors. His most notable judge was Broadway legend, Tommy Tune, who would change Aaron’s young life. He was soon cast as Tune’s co-star in the traveling tour of “Dr. Dolittle.” Aaron played Chee Chee the monkey, and he won rave reviews, such as… “He stopped the show! He is the Broadway legend of the future!” After the tour, Aaron appeared on Season 1 of America’s Got Talent, as well as America’s Most Talented Kids.

After a year on the road, “Aaron chose to go back to regular school. He stayed busy JV football, dance, teaching dance, choreographing dances, voice training, show choir, Drama, AND…honors everything, plus he got up at 5 AM to go to seminary. To quote his Dad, John, “Aaron chose to go back to regular school(the path of least resistance would be home school). He says everybody thinks he’s rich, and when he tells them he’s not, they think he’s just being modest. So he’s quit denying it!!! The girls all are in love. Aaron’s taking very advanced classes for an 8th grader. He’s in Geometry, Latin, honors English, etc., and maintaining straight “A’s," He's rehearsing for the Christmas show at the Alabama Theater, and auditioning in NY when he can.”

In September 29, 2007, Aaron went to NYC to be trained for “Tap Kids” which toured the country, Europe, and Mexico. As an adult, Aaron has performed and taught all over the world. A Carolina boy, he feels very blessed to have dance take him so many places. He is signed with CESD in LA and Weisman/Brunson