The Millie Lewis Baby webpage

The Millie Lewis Baby website  represents children less than 6 years of age.  Placing your child on this site requires a one time fee of $125.00 and three photos of the child.  The pictures can be snapshots taken at home or professionally done.

We also advise that children’s photos are updated on a regular basis so that clients looking through our site will see current photos.

Clients typically look for babies and young children for television commercials and print work for advertising purposes. You may submit pictures by e-mailing and filling out submission form on-line.  Include name of parent and child, child’s date of birth, address and at least two contact numbers.

You may email 3 pictures of your baby (jpg format) to, then complete the following form and click the "SUBMIT" button below and we will contact you ASAP.

Our confidentiality policy: Millie Lewis Charleston will never disclose your personal information to any outside organizations or persons without your permission. The information you submit is used solely to register your baby in our 'The Millie Lewis Baby Webpage'.

COST:  only $125.00 (ONE TIME FEE)

For payment with PayPal, pull down under Training, for Baby Book.

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