Posted by Suzanne Green

So many people who want to pursue a career in modeling just aren't sure of the most effective way to start their careers.  Despite their lack of knowledge they sign with agencies that promise quick jobs, fame and fortune, and all you have to do is sign on the dotted line. Never sign a contract or pay money up front without knowing all of the information. Months later with little to no contact, you find yourself in the same position you were months earlier except that now you are "Represented" by someone who receives a financial percentage from your career efforts, sometimes with no investment on their part.  If you are seriously looking to launch your career, do you know what steps you should take to give yourself the best chance to succeed? Many aspiring models, singers and actors have the same questions you may have. “I have the looks, talent and desire, what else do I need?”  “Should I get training?” At Millie Lewis we are constantly asked these questions by women, men and parents of children interested in pursuing their passion.  Each time we have the same answer. No star is born overnight.

Make sure you are working with professionals with a proven track record and the credentials to back it up.

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